Filer Knapper LLP, Christchurch Accountants

With you for the journey

It goes without saying that you want to make the most of your income. But how do you do that when the rules and rates are constantly changing?

With up to date advice and expert support, we can help you plan ahead and enjoy a range of options, rather than being forced to react to circumstances.

As well as stress-free self-assessments, we help our clients in a variety of other specific areas.

Perhaps you’re concerned about capital gains tax. Or maybe you’re wondering how to deal with inheritance tax. Or, if you run a business, you may need advice on the most tax efficient way to take income.

Whatever the challenge, we have the expertise to help.

Day-to-day advice not year-to-year

You’ll find we keep you up to speed throughout the year with any changes in regulation through newsletters, email and Budget reports.

Our tax department includes tax consultants who’ve worked for HMRC and understand how best to tackle the system (and reduce any penalties if things have gone that far).

With expertise like that we’re able to guide you through the maze of tax legislation, complete your self-assessment promptly and understand the implications of different investments.

More support online

So you’re never in the dark, we regularly publish fact sheets and guides to help you understand changes in legislation, the latest budget and more. You can find a range of reports, factsheets and online calculators here.