VAT and Property

Navigating VAT successfully

If corporate tax is a burden, VAT only adds to the workload. More regular, more closely monitored and more harshly penalised if you get it wrong. We’ll help you avoid problems and keep your VAT returns and records in good order.

We have a specialist VAT team, headed by Chris Ratcliffe, who can help you with registration, de-registration, returns, records and more technical VAT matters.

Managing property taxes effectively

Our VAT team also specialise in property and development issues. We can advise you on the best tax structures for commercial or residential property matters, so that your capital gains and corporate taxes are kept to a minimum.

Common property challenges we tackle for our clients include:

  • Deciding whether it’s a trading or an investment property.
  • Moving property from stock to assets
  • Capital gains v income tax
  • Rental income
  • Lease premiums
  • Establishing and maximising Capital Allowances
  • Speculative expenses and expenses incurred for later projects