Start up, growth and exit

What does your business future hold? Preparing a business plan with cash forecasts allows you to make far more informed decisions about the direction of your business. We help businesses manage their growth from start-ups to exit planning - and all stages in-between.

Starting Up

People who start a business are passionate about their idea but often find the financial side quite daunting. We help our clients turn their ideas into successful businesses.

The key is having a well-defined business plan with goals and targets along the way. We’ll help you develop that and match it to a cash forecast that allows you to budget for growth.

We’ll also help you choose the best structure, set up your bookkeeping, review your financial arrangements, help with the banks, and register you with the Revenue and Companies House.

Exit Planning

Just as important as your start-up is planning your exit from the business.

Don’t leave planning for this too late and find you can only achieve a less than satisfactory sale. We will help you structure your business so that it works well without you there.

We’ll help you set out a strategic plan for sales, capital and exit for you to share with your team to get the business ready for the optimum sale.