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FK Tax Planning

Higher rate tax and National Insurance can now be well over half of what you earn. Corporation tax is now a substantial cost to your business. Every pound of tax saved is more available to you and so it is essential to ensure you take the necessary steps to keep your tax to the minimum. We can help with that.

For your business

We will discuss ways to help you review your current year’s profits to ensure the most tax-efficient decisions are made. This will include considering all annual reliefs, timing of purchases and consideration of remuneration methods.

We will work with you to determine the most tax effective structure for your business and to establish the optimum structure for groups and reorganisations where appropriate.

For you

As well as ensuring your income is taken in the most tax efficient way, we will advise you on capital gains tax planning if you are considering selling an asset and inheritance tax advice to help ensure what you want to leave to your loved ones goes to them and not in taxes.

We will also make sure you know of any major changes extremely quickly, through regular newsletters, emails and Budget Booklets.

From time to time there may be opportunities to take advantage of particular forms of tax planning and make significant tax savings. We will discuss these with you to see if they are suitable.