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Fee Protection

With the taxman busier than ever it pays to protect your business and your personal tax affairs

Why you need protection

  • HMRC are more determined than ever to increase the tax yield from tax payers
  • They are using more efficient methods to check for non-compliance
  • Tax inspectors can ask to see your current records even before you submit a tax return
  • Disputes with HMRC can quickly spiral into time consuming, stressful and costly affairs

Did you know?

  • The taxman is tasked with collecting an additional £7bn each year by 2012/13
  • New powers allow them to demand records without issuing a formal notice
  • HMRC inspectors are collaborating to undertake combined investigations of direct taxes, VAT and employer compliance
  • Insurance provider CCH saw a 46% increase in claims between Feb 2011 and Feb 2012

We can help you

  • Even if you are found to owe no tax at all, you will still have to pay professional fees incurred in handling your case
  • Premier Protection is a tax representation service specifically created to pay for the unexpected accountancy fees arising from a tax investigation
  • This service allows us to dedicate the right level of representation without you having to worry about spiralling expenses
  • So whether you run a business or just have a modest personal income, should you be investigated, by getting us involved at the start of any investigation you are far more likely to escape paying extra tax or penalties
  • Plus you have the reassurance that we will work directly with you to resolve the situation.

Why choose Premier Protection?

Premier Protection will provide you with the equivalent of up to £100,000 of professional costs per incident resulting from an HMRC intervention, including checks into your Tax Return, PAYE, P11D, NIC and VAT affairs.

Having this tax representation service will allow the practice you know and trust to deal with the taxman on your behalf, giving the matter the time and attention it requires to achieve the best outcome for you.

Premier Protection covers costs in the event of:

  • Full Enquiries
  • Construction Industry
  • Scheme Reviews
  • Business Record Checks
  • Employer Compliance Checks
  • IR35 Review
  • VAT Compliance Checks
  • Informal Enquiries
  • Discovery Investigations
  • Aspect Enquiries
  • Cross Tax Enquiries
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Checks
  • Student Loan Checks

Certain exclusions do apply; pleaser refer to full terms and conditions.

Other practice benefits included at no extra cost

Employment and health and safety legislation is increasing all the time, so it’s vital that you have access to the right support and guidance to keep your business on the right side of the law.

Included with the Premier Protection service, at no extra cost, is access to telephone advice from a team of consultants from Croner, one of the country’s leading providers of business advice.

When you need a guiding hand or a second opinion, the Business Support Helpline gives you access to telephone advice from a team of experts.

Areas of advice include:

  • Employment and personnel, such as:-
    • disciplining an employee
    • dismissal
    • gross misconduct
    • redundancy
  • Health & Safety, such as:
    • hazardous substances
    • reporting an accident
  • Commercial legal issues, such as
    • landlord and tenancy
    • company law
    • copyright and patent